About the Awards
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About the Awards

The Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards recognize the highest standards of excellence in the Dental profession, honoring individuals in respective fields for their outstanding achievement.

These Awards have been conceived and conceptualized by Anuj Arora, a Caltech alumni and Advisor to Famdent. Based out of London, his creative inputs and innovative mindset motivated him to initiate FAMDENT EXCELLENCE IN DENTISTRY AWARDS honouring stalwarts and enhancing the level of Dentistry in India. These awards are instrumental for motivating other Dentists to strive for greater heights and to contribute more actively towards promoting the Profession’s intellectual, creative and ethical value systems.

This new endeavor was given a very warm welcome by the Dental Profession on its debut in 2013 - making it India's most coveted Dentistry Awards and hailing it as "the Indian Dental Oscars"!

The Awards give Dentists in India a great platform to benchmark their achievements against their peers; giving Award Winners/Nominees a professional boost to perform better, achieve higher, earn a long-lasting reputation and attract more patients. It is not easy to win the Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Award given the rigorous judging process; making the Winners true Stalwarts in their respective categories.

We go the Extra Mile to recognize our Winners!!
We make sure our Award Winners are given that extra special recognition beyond just receiving an Award.

  • Access to your exclusive Logo Award Icon to include on Website and/or other marketing material

  • Enjoy publicity through Award Winner lists on our Website and Famdent Publications (Famdent/ Endodent/ Dental Bulletin)

  • Opportunity to get featured on our Website and/or Famdent Publications (Famdent/ Endodent/ Dental Bulletin)

About Famdent

Founded by Dr. Anil Arora & Dr. Jyotika Arora; Famdent is now one of the leading Dental Publications & Dental Event Organisers in India. Fast expanding into other avenues in Dentistry, Famdent constanty aims to achieve new heights in the field of progressive Dentistry in India. For more details about Famdent, visit www.famdent.com


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