Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards India - Most Prestigious Indian Dental Awards - Famdent Dentistry Awards Judges 2013

Judging the Awards

The Awards are judged by an independent Jury that consists of distinguished and experienced professionals in the field of Dentistry. The names of members of Jury are not known to applicants. Also the nominees are not aware of other nominees in their category.

Each category had been defined by certain parameters/guidelines which can be viewed in the Award Categories section.

Stage One

All the entries for each category are carefully reviewed in detail by a preliminary panel of Judges. Participants are requested to provide any missing information or proof of documentation if necessary. Based on this, Nominees are shortlisted for each category.

Stage Two

The shortlisted nominations are reviewed by the Final Judges relevant to each category. The list is then coded for final moderation by the Ombudsman to rule out extreme marking and to observe the Standard Median principle.

All our Judges are given strict instructions to maintain Confidentiality. The Winners are announced by designated Guests directly at the Award Ceremony by breaking a sealed envelope in complete secrecy and confidentiality.

All disputes and query will be studied and addressed by the Ombudsman.

The Judging Jury 2017


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