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Terms of Use

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famdentawards.com is a dynamic Web site, and changes are made regularly. All information is current as of its first appearance on this site or when last modified.

Unless otherwise indicated, all items on famdentawards.com are protected by copyright. This copyright extends to text and graphics, the selection, arrangement and presentation of all materials, and the overall design of the site. Reproduction or republication is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Famdentawards is a registered trademark. Reproduction or republication of this mark is strictly prohibited without prior written permission.

Links to famdentawards.com may not suggest or imply that Famdentawards or its affiliates endorse or support the linking site, its sponsors and/or its advertisers, unless prior written permission to indicate any such endorsement or support has been granted.

famdentawards.com is provided “as is.” Neither Famdentawards nor its affiliated entities make any representations or warranties, of any kind or any nature, whether express or implied, created by law, contract or otherwise, including, without limitation, any representations or warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement.

In no event shall Famdentawards or its affiliated entities be liable for any damages of any kind or nature, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages or loss of profits arising from, or in connection with, the existence, operation or use of reliance on this site, regardless of whether Famdentawards has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

The material contained on famdentawards.com is offered as information only and not as practice, financial, accounting, legal or other professional advice. Users need to consult their own professional advisors for such advice.

Information on famdentawards.com provided as assistance for users making clinical decisions regarding the clinical care of their patients cannot substitute for the individual judgment brought to each clinical situation by the patient's dentist. As with all clinical reference resources, they reflect the science of dentistry at the time of their development, but they should be used with the clear understanding that continued research may result in new knowledge or recommendations.

By linking to other Web sites, Famdentawards does not endorse the policies or practices of, or opinions expressed on, those sites , nor does Famdentawards make any representations or warranties with respect to the accuracy of any items or claims contained therein.

Business decisions, including decisions about method of practice, are personal choices to be made by individual dentists. Famdentawards does not, via Famdentawards.com or otherwise, encourage dentists to make any particular business decision on issues addressed herein.

If you believe any content appearing on www.famdentawards.com may infringe your copyright please send a written notification via email or post to:

Famdent Awards
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Andheri (West), Mumbai – 400053,India.
Email: awards.famdent@gmail.com

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