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Famdent Excellence in Dentistry Awards India - Most Prestigious Indian Dental Awards - About Famdent Dentistry Awards India


“This is like an Oscar Awards in Dentistry.”
Dr. Sridhar Reddy

“Famdent is doing an excellent job of uplifting Dentistry. They are at par with International level.”
Dr. Kamlesh Badonia

“Famdent Awards recognises the excellence. They are doing everything possible required for a dental profession in India.”
Dr Sagar Abhichandani

“Famdent give a platform for recognition.”
- Dr. Komal Majumdar

“Famdent is the great platform to launch younger people and showcase the achievements of doctors practising for years.”
Dr. Shail Jaggi

“It is a pan India Award. It is an Inspiration for young dentist.”
Dr. Ankit Desai

“You can’t buy it; you have to earn it; that is true about Famdent Awards.”
Dr. Samir Anand

“Recognition is the most important thing which everyone needs and Famdent actually has recognised the achievers.”
Dr. Vivek Hegde

“Famdent is like Padmashree, Padmabhushan in Dentistry.”
Dr. Chandresh Shukla

“Family dentistry… that’s what they call the Famdent.”
Dr. Mohan Bhuvaneswaran

“This is the glorifying moment… the moment where your hard work is recognised by your own fraternity and peers.”
Dr. Moez Khakiani

* All programmes are tentative and subject to change without notice.

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Disclaimer: In the absence of sufficient applications that meet the minimum criteria of a particular category, the management reserves the right to cancel / omit the category from the final awards. Famdent reserves the right to reject any application without assigning a reason. Decision to hold the Awards physically or virtually will depend on the prevailing conditions at that time. By applying for the nominations, applicant agrees that the Awards may be held virtually in case of any unavoidable circumstances.