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How To Apply


Each entry should have a cover letter of approximately 500 -1,000 words containing a brief description of your practice / case / Work category highlighting reasons why you think you should win that particular category. Make sure to include supportive evidence for all the information in the cover letter. Stay focused on the category and the qualities you want to show the judges. Support it with couple of well chosen testimonials and any other evidence of patient care.

We highly recommend you to send the above information in PowerPoint presentation format.


Ensure that your entry includes photographs & Video to enable the judges to distinguish your entry from others. Photographic evidence with Before and After pictures for the category entered must be put together in hard copy or Pen drive or can be emailed. Please send minimum 5 to maximum 10 best cases relevant to your category. Note we are looking for cases, photographs and videos not more than 3 years old. Mention dates on the cases pictures and testimonials. The ppt template will be emailed to you.

Step 1:
Pay the Application Fees for your categories.

Step 2:
Post Payment you will receive PPT template for your presentation via email.

Step 3:
Please make your Presentation in our PPT Template only (max 70 slides per category) and send the completed PPT to us.

Step 4:
Your PPT will be sent to the Jury for Scoring and Nomination

Step 5:
Nomination details will be sent to you via e mail.

Step 6:
Winners announcement LIVE on Event Day.

These details can be emailed to famdentawards@gmail.com or hard copies can be mailed to 7/103, Sapphire Court, Azad Nagar, Behind Apna Bazaar, J.P. Road, Andheri (West), Mumbai - 400053.

*Application fees is non refundable.The decision of the jury is final and will not be reviewed under any circumstances. Disputes, if any, are subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only.

Who Can Apply


Any registered Dentist practicing/working in India
Any practicing Dentist from out of India in the International Dentist Category
Individuals/corporates running Dental Chain of Clinics
You can Enter as many Categories as you want
Interns, UG & PG Students can Apply.

Why To Apply

  • Benchmark your achievements against competitors. A Nomination or Winning an award gives you a Professional boost that lasts forever.
  • Trophy or plaque to adorn the practice and highlight your success. More patients & better staff will be attracted to an award winner/shortlisted practice.
  • Winning or even being Nominated validates your efforts and can do wonders to your practice and your team. Enjoy the attention received from patients and other professional colleagues.
  • Nominees and winners will be permitted to use the award logo on their website, brochures, posters or any other marketing material.
  • Nominal Entry Fees to cover administration and other related costs.
  • Nominees & winners will receive Nationwide exposure through the Famdent Publications & its vast network of publicity.
  • Famdent Publication will have a section dedicated to the Winners and Nominees bringing fame and recognition within the Dental fraternity. It will also carry prominent features on the accomplished Dentists. This with a circulation of thousands of Dentists in the country will surely bring national recognition to otherwise hidden talent.
  • There will be an attractive photographic session post the award ceremony with a unique backdrop to display and publish.